IRESC has developed specialist software for the following applications:

3D Fire & Gas Mapping

IRESC’s software utilises true 3D modelling techniques and is tailored for a variety of methodologies in compliance with most of the common industrial standards. Our software reads directly the client’s 3D model, allowing our mapping analysis to precisely capture all details and features available in the 3D model. And with such level of precision, we are positioned to help our clients develop a detector layout which can achieve the set performance in real situations.

Risk Integration

IRESC’s risk integration software is capable of calculating and presenting risks in a range of forms including Location Specific Individual Risk (LSIR), Individual Risk Per Annum (IRPA), Potential Loss of Life (PLL) and F-N curves, in compliance with the requirements in most jurisdictions. The software is suitable for risk assessment of fixed installations, pipelines and transportation.

Leak Frequency Analysis

Our software provides a unified platform for the key steps involved in leak frequency analysis. The program features a graphical interface which enables electronic markup of project drawings, with the goal of enhancing traceability and auditability of the parts count process. The program is preloaded with failure data from reputable sources (eg. OGP) and, for maximum flexibility, is capable of processing failure data from alternate / custom leak databases. Our software is compatible with both onshore and offshore QRAs, with built-in analysis functions enabled for alignment with project-specific leak sizes, frequency breakdown and identification of main risk contributors.